Helping Girls Achieve Meaningful Friendships
& Social Success While Having Fun

Authentica’s mission is to create a safe, nurturing, and empowering place where girls can discover their true selves, express themselves genuinely, and experience a sense of acceptance and belonging among their peers. Authentica is a place where everyone is welcome and where real friendships are made. We educate girls in social and emotional intelligence and offer practical skills for navigating the challenges of adolescence.

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We provide an alternative to the “pop-culture experience” for girls in the San Francisco Bay Area. We help them to identify their own values and recognize the importance of having fulfilling relationships with self and others, through connections to nature, art, music, and family. Authentica also gives girls the tools to handle uncomfortable social situations with confidence and calm.

Our approach is positive, collaborative, and playful. By valuing who each girl truly is, caring about her, and helping her discover her own uniqueness, we encourage each girl to appreciate and express her authentic self!

Sinead Broughton, PsyD.